We’ve changed the way we deliver our services by teaching you how your financial statements affect your business.
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Know Your Numbers – Our Services

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Have you heard us say before how important it is to work on your business, not in it? It is essential to take time out to discuss what is happening in your business; not only so you have clarity about your future direction, but also so that we can ensure we are supporting you in the most appropriate way.

Whats involved?

  • Free Sixty minute consultation with a senior team member
  • An opportunity to voice any burning issues
  • A complete and full review of your current financial and non-financial situation
  • Documentation of your agreed actions including minutes of the meeting

If required we will also prepare a proposal for you including upfront prices of our services for any additional support work that we identified during the meeting.

Who Should Have a Review?

If you’re keen to improve your business performance and financial results to minimise risk in your investments then you should book this complimentary meeting. We firmly believe that we can help you more and we WANT to do this!

When Should I get a Review?

Our commitment to you is that we will meet with you at least once per year on a no charge basis. We have set aside time for this meeting to happen after your financial statements have been completed. Of course you don’t have to wait until then; you can contact us any time to set up the meeting, or we will o er it to you once we have completed your annual accounts.


Benefits of a Complimentary Client Review

  • An opportunity for you to set and review your goals
  • Gives you clarity about specifically what actions you need to take to achieve your goals
  • Stimulates strategic discussion affecting the current and future direction of your business / investments
  • Identifies your burning issues, opportunities and challenges so you can set actions to respond effectively
  • Helps you understand your business better
  • Giving you access to our collective wisdom
  • You will receive an assessment on your current business structure
  • Identify greater tax efficiencies
  • Identifies areas where we can assist you futher unlock your business potential through the growth and protection of your assets
  • Gives you a better understanding of how our services can further support you

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The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to make more money. Management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial implications for a business. We have developed this service to enable business owners to fully understand and interpret their numbers, so they have a strong foundation on which to grow their business.

What is involved

You will attend meetings with us every two months to discuss your financial results. The focus of each meeting will change and progress depending on your needs and objectives.

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of your key financial reports
  • Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts
  • Learn how to report on cashflow and profit
  • Begin to produce your own customised reports on a monthly basis
  • Understand how to better manage your debtors and creditors

Who should attend?

If you are passionate about your operation and want to better understand your numbers and be able to answer questions like:

  • How much profit have I made this year?
  • Why has my profit increased but I have no cash?
  • Is my cash level increasing or decreasing?
  • What is affecting my cash level?

When Should I Begin Financial Awareness Coaching?

Anytime is a good time to start understanding your financial reports. The sooner you start Financial Awareness Coaching the better your understanding of financial results and their implications and the more control you have over the outcomes.

Benefits of Financial Awareness Coaching

  • Will enable you to understand your business better
  • Will ensure accuracy in your financial reports by ironing out any existing errors
  • Better management and monitoring of your cashflow
  • Customised reports to ensure the right information is being provided in a format that makes decision making easier
  • Informed decision making and you will gave better understanding of the financial impacts of decisions
  • Independent financial advice
  • Be accountable for progress at each meeting by reviewing your reports and recording actions that need to be achieved before the next meeting
  • Identify burning issues that need to be addressed
  • Access the collective wisdom of Malloch McClean; its systems, products and services
  • Phone support to address any burning issues between meetings

Now that you know your numbers  Grow Your Numbers